Initilizer of type ... is not assignable to variable type QueryReolver

I’ve created a new project with typescript, and my steps were:

  1. Add my models to Prisma.
  2. Run migration and seed the database.
  3. Generated the SDL for all the models.

Everything went well without errors, but then I realized my IDE (WebStorm) was showing me an error in all the resolvers with parameters like in the following image.

I’ve tried to use GraphQL and test whether it was working anyway, but I’m also getting this error.

I need help understanding what I did wrong and how I can fix this issue.

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Hey :wave: Does regenerating the Prisma client with yarn rw prisma generate help? Can you clarify what your import of db looks like in this file?

I realized this only happens when running the project inside docker.
Locally, it works fine.
I’ve run the migrations and seeded the database on the docker container and that error persists.