Identity Options

Hi Guys,

We’re a group in Fullstack Academy looking to use redwoodjs for our capstone project.
Our primary roadblock is identity. We are comfortable using passport.js – however we are looking for a more natural JAM solution, any suggestions?


We’re planning on built-in support for Netlify Identity and Auth0 soon, but you can use anything for now as long as you don’t mind doing it the long way. :slight_smile:

We’ve added Netlify Identity to the example-blog with the Netlify Identity Widget and you can see it’s not too much work. It requires a deploy to Netlify, however.


@arjunv27 just wanted to add how excited we are you chose RedwoodJS for the project! :rocket:

Please keep us posted and don’t hesitate to ask us questions as you go. And definitely post your project to the “Show & Tell” when it’s ready – we’d love to see it!

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@rob I dug through the source code for example-blog and couldn’t find any code on the backend (in api) that was securing the API requests based on whether the user was an admin or not. Am I missing something or is that RBAC functionality something that is yet to be implemented? Thank you!

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Shhhh you found our secret! :wink: RBAC wasn’t ready in time for launch so there’s no server-side authentication happening. We’ve got a proposal for auth that we’re working on now and when that’s integrated into Redwood I’ll be sure to update example-blog to work with it.

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Fantastic! I am planning on porting my existing React/AWS/Auth0 app over to RedwoodJS, so I’ll be looking forward to this work shaking out so that I can use it as a template. Cheers!

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