I have a working project, but the Google DevTools throws an error regarding DOM nesting and ForwardRef

My project appears to be working fine, but when I look at Google DevTools, it gives a warning that:

Warning: validateDOMNesting(…): <a> cannot appear as a descendant of <a>.
in a (created by ForwardRef).

I haven’t used ForwardRef in my code, so I am wondering if this is being used behind the scenes in Redwood? If so, is there a way to make this warning disappear?

Hi @Boadicea45, did you solve this yet? From the error message it sounds as if you have one link (<a>) inside another one. Could that be the case? Maybe you have a <Link> with an <a> inside, which would make it less obvious that it’s nesting <a>s.

No, I haven’t solved it. I thought I had done what you described, but when I looked at my code, it was fine. The DevTools had picked it up though. That is why I think it is probably a result of the background code of RedWood using ForwardRef, doing its thing, which is applying attributes, and then confusing DevTools. It hasn’t caused any problems as yet, but there are always error messages in your code, which you have to discount when the app isn’t working.

Do you have your code in a public repo I can take a look at?

Hi @Boadicea45. Any chance you can share a link to this in a GitHub repo or include some code samples of the pages and components that cause this issue? Screenshots of te dev console with error perhaps?