How to trigger a Cell refresh?

My Home Page contains a cell. When I navigate back to the HomePage from a different page, the cell doesn’t seem to refresh. Is there a way do this ?

Not entirely sure, but my hunch is that Apollo is reading your query results from its cache.

You’ll want to change the fetchPolicy for this query:

You can export a beforeQuery next to your QUERY to enable this. This is also the default behaviour generated for scaffolds!

export const beforeQuery = (props) => {
  return { variables: props, fetchPolicy: 'cache-and-network' }

As mentioned by @Robert it could probably be the cache. i.e the mutation isn’t updated in the local cache. If it is the cache, I would add the update function in my mutation to update the cache, instead of fetching it from the db. There is a chrome extension to inspect the apollo cache.


Fetch policy fixed it. Thanks for your help!