How to style forms / use other component libraries with Redwood forms integration?

Hello, new to Redwood and loving working with it so far!

I have a question that I’ve been struggling with - how would you recommend styling forms, or potentially using other pre-existing component libraries (e.g. chakra-ui) with the Redwood automatic form handling? Are there any docs or examples for these?

I am using mui5 with react forms and am struggling with this too – I don’t mind tailwind, but I’m already using mui

RedwoodJS uses react-form-hook under the hood and what you and I need is how to ‘register’ the form fields, I think…

I’m sure Redwood exposes the ‘register’ process somehow (I think…) so that we can use react-hook-form smoothly thru Redwood.

One key detail to know when you’re trying to make non-Redwood fields work in Storybook is that Storybook has a useState() call that you must import and use instead of React.useState() in your stories (to avoid crashing)

I’ll meet you back here later if I figure something out


We like just regular className for styling, and you can add that prop to any of the form helpers and it’ll apply it to the underlying rendered element (label, input, etc.) Something like FormErrors has a more complex layout, but we including several variations of className to set and style various parts. I thought we had these listed in the docs but apparently not! Here’s the callout from the tutorial: