How to process file on the backend (sending multipart form data)

Hi guys. I need to upload large text files (30k+ rows) to the server.
The problem is that I don’t know what type to use in sdl schema.

Hi. This question was also asked in Discord.

Will this be a one time load or a feature where you need users to upload any csv file and upsert the data?

It was me who asked in discord :sweat_smile:
It will be recurrent user action.

You told me to use a 3rd party storage provider, and I’m going to use Azure for that. But I’m not quite sure how to read the file from the storage.

There are azure services that read the file for me and then send the contents of the files to my backend but the payload will be huge, array of over 30k elements (or really long string, 1m± characters long).

Why bother with 3rd party when I can just process the files on the frontend and send the contents to the backend?

Other option I see is to download file from storage, save it in memory (with muler) and then process, but again in this case 3rd party is somewhat redundant when I can just upload the file directly to my backend (if I knew how to do that with graphql)