How to create migrations with the same name ? (because of scaffold)

hey !

I’m trying to do a migration for a form component. for that, a coworker told me to “”“copy”“” what is done on the scaffold pages because it’s litteraly what i want to reproduce.

My goal is to create a form that allow to create and edit things to the DB.

The problem is that i did a scaffold to a folder but now the problem is that some of the scaffold components have the same name as some of my components, so everything that the scaffold generated has the same name as the component (so is for migration).

I tried to create a migration following the Redwood Tutorial page ( Saving Data | RedwoodJS Docs ) but when i come to the generate types step, it says that this migration name is used in 2 differents files. i tried to rename it but it didn’t worked. i think that doing that also change the type of the input maybe ?