Hosting storybook for designers

Hey all,

we want to host our storybook along with our redwood application on a baremetal serverful deployment. I have tinkered around a little bit with yarn rw storybook --build and then following this thread.

The it works and all, I can start npx http-server ./web/public and visit my storybook - great.

What’s missing is tailwind though! The styles are just not there.

Whenever I do yarn rw storybook on my local, everything works like a charm. So, I am wondering if I really need to dive into the webpack config to finally get storybook working (this is one of the reasons I love Redwood, because I don’t have to worry about the config).

Could I not simply run yarn rw storybook on the server and then do some reverse proxy thing to serve port 7910?
What’s the downside?

Again, the goal is to have our storybook hosted (with the latest changes of the develop branch), I thing I could put a command in the deploy.toml to start sb on deployment. We are thinking of putting a basic auth infront of the storybook with our Apache config.

Oh silly Alex, the answer is so obvious.

Storybook apparently expects a file called “index.(s)css”. I had my styles somewhere else, so to fix my issue all I had to do was create a new index.scss and place my styles in there.