Hey, wha happened? Let's redesign Redwood's Error Page

No one ever writes errors, right? So, we’ll never get an error page …


But, when you do, your app’s error page should be helpful, informative and not too scary.

In dev, you might get a dev friendly error with stack traces, but the framework’s error page is:

As with the Not Found Page there’s so much opportunity to redesign.

Let’s get creative and improve this experience for those times when your users ask hey … wha happened?


You can find the code for the Error Page here:

Some general considerations:

  • All markup and styles need to be within the component
  • Shouldn’t rely on TailwindCss
  • Supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Quick to load, so relatively lightweight
  • Friendly, engaging, exciting
  • Reflects mission and sentiment from Docs - Introduction : RedwoodJS Docs

Open to new animation, mascot/characters, helpful links to resources … be creative!

And – practically every RedwoodJS dev will get to see your work at some point. How cool is that?

Reply here if you are interested and will be posting either a repo to contribute to or some other way to showcase your work so people can see and maybe vote for the page that becomes part of v1!

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A GitHub error example:

I always liked Twitter fail whale from back in the Rails days:

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What if it was a drawing of someone accidentally cutting down a redwood tree?

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Something to keep in mind… being cute, but not too cute… Cute Error Messages: How Cute is Too Cute? | Technical Communication at UAHuntsville

Maybe we should have a contest… a “something-went-wrongtest” where community votes on community submissions

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I vote we just change it to say “You broke it, so you figure it out!”

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maybe in dev mode only :laughing: