Help us test Apollo GraphQL v3

:postal_horn::postal_horn: We’ve just merged Apollo GraphQL Client v3 and released it as a canary!

There are some breaking changes in terms of the how mutations update the cache:

We would love it if you could upgrade @redwoodjs/web to version 0.18.1-canary.3, test it, and give us feedback about your experience before we release it to the general public.

Steps to upgrade:

  1. Edit ./web/package.json and replace @redwoodjs/web with 0.18.1-canary.3
  2. Run yarn to install the new packages.
  3. Restart your dev-server: yarn rw dev

You might be wondering why we want you to upgrade? There’s a ~80 KB reduction in bundle size when upgrading to Apollo v3.

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I upgraded to 18.1 canary:

 "dependencies": {
    "@redwoodjs/auth": "^0.18.1-canary.20",
    "@redwoodjs/forms": "^0.18.1-canary.20",
    "@redwoodjs/router": "^0.18.1-canary.20",
    "@redwoodjs/web": "^0.18.1-canary.20",
    "@tailwindcss/ui": "^0.6.0",
    "@tailwindui/react": "^0.1.1",
    "moment": "^2.27.0",
    "netlify-identity-widget": "^1.9.1",
    "prop-types": "^15.7.2",
    "react": "^16.13.1",
    "react-dom": "^16.13.1",
    "react-transition-group": "^4.4.1"

and getting an error:

index.js:1 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'graphql-tag'
    at webpackMissingModule (index.js:1)
    at Module.../node_modules/@apollo/client/core/index.js (index.js:1)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:853)
    at fn (bootstrap:150)
    at Module.../node_modules/@apollo/client/react/data/QueryData.js (QueryData.js:1)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:853)
    at fn (bootstrap:150)
    at Module.../node_modules/@apollo/client/react/data/index.js (index.js:1)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:853)
    at fn (bootstrap:150)
    at Module.../node_modules/@apollo/client/react/hooks/utils/useBaseQuery.js (useBaseQuery.js:1)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:853)
    at fn (bootstrap:150)
    at Module.../node_modules/@apollo/client/react/hooks/useQuery.js (useQuery.js:1)

RW Info is:

    OS: macOS 10.15.5
    Shell: 5.7.1 - /bin/zsh
    Node: 14.7.0 - /var/folders/qx/5bk1sx455zvfqj79wyr83fkc0000gn/T/yarn--1599847218814-0.3285166406011366/node
    Yarn: 1.22.4 - /var/folders/qx/5bk1sx455zvfqj79wyr83fkc0000gn/T/yarn--1599847218814-0.3285166406011366/yarn
    SQLite: 3.28.0 - /usr/bin/sqlite3
    Chrome: 86.0.4240.30
    Safari: 13.1.1
    @redwoodjs/core: ^0.18.1-canary.20 => 0.18.1-canary.20+8f7f4c1f 
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This must be the new bundle size reduction work that I’ve done. #willfix

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