Have to restart server in order to see changes occur

Hello there! I am new to RedwoodJS and I am trying to set up my work environment for my first co-op(yay!). When I run “yarn rw dev” my server loads and my browser opens to the default home page. Everything is working great. But when I change any of the code, I do not see the changes reflected in the browser. In the RedwoodJS Blog tutorial, Rob adds a home page and when he goes back to the site he can see the updated homepage. I have to restart my server to see any changes happen. I am using VS Code on Windows 10 and WSL with Ubuntu 20.04(not sure if that matters). Does anyone know why I am having this issue and what I can do to solve it? Thank you

Here is a video showing my issue.

I’l see a class name called “hidden” on that parent div tag. Are you sure you are changing the correct place on the screen? Do you have a sidebar menu that is exposed below a certain screen size? I can see the site refreshing when you save in the video. I found myself having that issue when I was editing something that was not on the screen at the time. Using Chrome Devtools you could inspect that element and see what the code for that button element is.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, this is the correct element. It gets updated at the end of the video after the server restart. Here is a video with the homepage as an example. The changes do not appear unless the server restarts. Even if I refresh/clear the cache. https://youtu.be/35DUtLgZgjw?t=86

The problem was that my project was located inside the /mnt/ folder instead of inside the Ubuntu file system. When I move the project there the issue is resolved and updates occur as soon as the files are saved. Thank you @viperfx for the solution!

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