Had issues with Win10, works better on Ubuntu

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that after I installed Ubuntu and tried there, all my install issues on Win10 went away *had to install git also, which was not part of the first video tutorial, but I guess that goes without saying?)… Thanks for the help so far.

Br. Stian

Hi @smenroll! Thanks for posting this (and apologies for the silence).

Based on your experience, do you suggest we recommend Windows users setup Ubuntu/Git Bash for Redwood?

my install issues on Win10 went away

There seems to be some mixed experience when it comes to RedwoodJS on Windows. I have not had any issues with WSL1 and have projects on the Windows file system, but I’m running on very speedy nVME disk.

Out of curiosity, did you use WSL1/2 or just plain-vanilla NodeJS installation on Windows when having issues?

Maybe you are on top of this already, but could there be some kind of poll/survey on the Windows-setup people use to better identify the issue? A few things that might be of interest to ask would be.

  • Node version
  • RedwoodJS version
  • Windows version (Windows 10, Windows Server)
  • Windows build version
  • Cmd, PowerShell, Git Bash, WSL1 or WSL2
  • Project running on host (Windows), or guest (Linux) file-system in case of WSL.
  • Physical storage media (HDD, SSD, nVME, SAN, NAS)


I agree, updated!

I’d also add PowerShell and Cmd to that list. In my testing I’ve noticed that they all behave slightly different

After some trouble shooting, without making it work on Windows 10, I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my Lenovo and made it dual boot. On Ubuntu the whole Tutorial (part1-4) ran without issues. Might look into windows for RedwoodJS again later, but I was so eager to get going with RedwoodJS that I didn’t want to spend time with issues on Windows.

On Windows 10 I didn’t use WSL, but it might be a good option. I just tried with git for windows & the gitbash terminal you get when installing.

Best regards, Stian

Ah, a survey/poll is a great idea! (And, no, I was definitely not on this :wink:)

I just created this post, which is an editable Wiki. Could you all please help me iron out the specific topics and elements to include in polls? Once we have it good enough, I’ll create a post with the polls and distribute to the community for feedback. Thanks in advance!