Guidelines to contribute Example Apps


So you know about RedwoodJS and maybe even, you’ve decided to make something with it. That something is not perfect, is not necessarily hype nor cool or trendy, but it is and in some way it hasn’t been done much before. That’s cool! We want to hear about it.

On you will find a page dedicated to all the things made with RedwoodJS and some love: the RedwoodJS Examples page! ( page will be live in Launch Week. Don’t miss it! )

This catalog is ready for your entries and we absolutely welcome them. In the event where you’d be willing to put the extra effort though, you are kindly invited to consider our six best practices, to make a repo stand out:

  1. The README would outline the app, the features and functionality — not just how to set up. Images will help promote your content.

  2. Clear links in README to preview and demo if available, those are super handy for people who need to figure out fast what your thing is about.

  3. The application self-documents. Consider making an about page that highlights what the example demonstrates supanews | About

  4. The application points back to the repository. Consider a link or an icon in the footer.

  5. Add a social preview Github image. In repository Settings > General, it should be right at the top, just beneath the Repository name. A screenshot of your carefully crafted About page will do great.

  6. Make sure to fill the description and tags of your repo:

Is your repo ready? Then let’s get in touch, you can reply to this thread with a link to your application, or create your own topic in the #get-help-and-help-others:show-tell section, with a note that you’d like your contribution to be put out there. Someone will pick up the call :rocket:

:bowing_man: With thanks for your contributions :bowing_man:

* Credits to @dthyresson for gathering the practices.


I dig it @noire.munich! I’m in, and I’ll round up some others that are steadily progressing on side-projects…

Deadline? Launch week starts Monday, April 4, so how about if us weekend warriors have our sorta-polished repos to you on Sunday, April 3?


Ah, great, thanks Keith!

Publishing weekend warrior will take whatever comes by at launch time, since I’ve got some timezone advantage I’ll take anything listed up to Sunday evening.
You can join me by slack if needed :+1:

Thanks for taking care of this.


OK @noire.munich, here’s my app…

It’s called FlipAgain, a simple flashcard app, a tool for learning new things.


Live Version - as of yesterday, I called it good enough for production, bugs and all:

I’ll update the ReadMe later today, highlighting the tech choices. But, I wanted to float this as an encouragement to my fellow Makers out there…

Anyone else posting their app? Even a work-in-progress?

Go Makers Go!


Well done @keith.t.elliott :rocket:

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Meant to get this in here earlier - hope I’m not too late!, a tool to make splitting shared expenses quick and painless.

View the source on GitHub

Definitely a work in progress, but to echo the OP, it is, and it works. Built with Redwood, utilizing TailwindCSS/DaisyUI, dbAuth, hosted on Netlify and database on Railway.

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Thanks a lot for your contribution @mike , you are not too late, I’m adding it to the list.
Examples page will be delivered a bit later this week - we’re late on designs, but your application will be there :+1:

Thank you also @keith.t.elliott ! Adding yours as well.

Also for anyone else reading this: we want to add examples as they come, so it is never too late to contribute one!

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