GraphQL Playground schema not showing up?

Why can’t I see my schema? Only a loading spinner is being showed

@guledali per best practices for security, introspection is disabled in production.

Please see: Docs - GraphQL : RedwoodJS Docs

Is there a way of exposing the schema? Is there a way of enable it in prod

Not at the moment.

Redwood tries to follow the best practices outlined by the Guild here and other recommendations:

As written in the Redwood docs, we:

  • disable introspection
  • mask errors
  • check query depth


If you would like a change in behavior please write up an issue with your use case and perhaps a config option can be added to override this security consideration.

Introspection is available in dev.

Have you used patch-package? In your dev environment, find this line in the compiled dist version of this file and remove it: redwood/graphql.ts at main · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

Create the patch, commit to your repo, and next time you deploy it should be able to be introspected?