Graphql file uploads

I am trying to do file uploads, where instead of uploading from the client I want to send the file to the backend and upload it from there.

Since redwoodjs is using apollo, I saw that in the apollo docs one has to change apollo link ☝️ GraphQL File Uploads with Apollo Server 2, React Hooks, TypeScript & Amazon S3 [Tutorial] - Apollo GraphQL Blog

According to redwood I have to keep this in mind if I want to change it:
* Extend or overwrite RedwoodApolloProvider's Apollo Link.
* To overwrite Redwood’s Apollo Link, just provide your own ApolloLink.
* To extend Redwood’s Apollo Link, provide a function—it’ll get passed an array of Redwood’s Apollo Links
Overriding redwoodjs seems risky since I only want to add the opportunity to upload a file. Especially since I am not fully sure on where to add the necessary middleware for the backend.

Is there any possible way of performing file uploads that are not like this File Uploads | RedwoodJS Docs?

I worked to use the browser to upload so that I didn’t have to pay to upload to my server and then to S3 – all the way at the bottom of this thread

I don’t know if this will help…


Sadly it is not, I need to parse the contents on the backend.

Which makes me wonder if a rest-endpoint might be the solution to it.

But I thought that if I found a way to upload a file, then I could use it for e.g. image uploads and csv-files.

I don’t know if you found a solution to this

I thought further on this, and wondered: what if you added a webhook to the app to handle the upload?