Get started with caprover and Redwood

Hi there,
i am starting to look into how i would deploy a complete redwood app (including postgresql, api frontend) to a caprover ( server instance.
What would be the way to go here? do i have to go more or less the baremetal tutorial here (Introduction to Baremetal | RedwoodJS Docs) or is there a more elegant way to do that?

any hint on how to start here would be awesome!

Thanks a lot!

It looks like CapRover works with Docker - so likely a Docker Deploy

Hi thanks for your reply - you mean deploy from redwood to docker? is there any good way to do that? i am still working through the redwood documentation but did not came across a docker deploy.


You’ll find different people’s Docker usages here: GitHub - redwoodjs/docker: Repository to consolidate efforts on making sweet Docker implementations for RedwoodJS

This is a recent one that hasn’t gotten to that repo yet

It looks nice as a single image: Dockerize RedwoodJS - #42 by tuantiensiu

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Just wanted to add more info to the solution posted by @ajoslin103
RedwoodJS docker docs plus the caprover captain-definition docs oughta get you there. Specifically I think the monorepo example for the captain-definition file is where redwoodjs fits.

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