First install does not work

After creating the redwoodBlog directory, I got the following error (?).

api | Error: @prisma/client did not initialize yet. Please run “prisma generate” and try to import it again.
api | In case this error is unexpected for you, please report it in Prisma Client removed on adding a new package: Error: @prisma/client did not initialize yet · Issue #390 · prisma/prisma-client-js · GitHub.

I tried to run again “prisma generate” but probably it was a mistake (I did not really understood the messages following the error). Please see screenshot below.

And now I am stuck (sorry to ask silly question)

environment: MacOS Catalina / Chrome Version 83.0.4103.106

@pascalG This should be the fix:

yarn rw db generate

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Sorry you have to deal with an error so soon. This has come up a few times and we’re getting this fixed in v0.12.0.

Dear Dom

Thank you for prompt reply. I applied your advice and this is what I got, probably it works. Sorry again for the inconvenience. I am rather on the beginner side, and probably I have too high expectations for Redwood for so young a product - but the purpose of this product is so appealing (convention over configuration etc) !

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No worries, and no inconvenience at all. A lot of us (including myself) are beginners here, and here for the same reasons, one of which is definitely the one you mentioned (convention > configuration).

Hi @pascalG! We just released v0.12.0, which should fix this issue for you.

Thank you guys for your fast answers. I updated RW with the new update. It works, however I got some warnings, don’t know if this info could interest you or not. Now it is time to really start the tutorial :innocent:

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Thanks for reaching out! Those warnings seem OK to me, at least they’re not errors!