First impression and tutorial prettier feedback

I saw this posted on HN yesterday and am ripping through the tutorial today. As someone who builds apps in stacks very close to this for a living, I think Redwood is a welcome addition to the space. Nice work!

I did notice that the tutorial code sample formats do not match the default Redwood prettier configs. So when I paste them into my IDE (webstorm) I get complaints about tab sizes and semi-colons. Making the tutorial code format match the default prettier configs or vice versa would make the tutorial process a bit smoother. I’m happy to submit a PR for either of those if y’all want.


Great catch! We had a separate repo for the tutorial for a while with its own prettier.config.js but I forgot to move that over to the main repo when we combined them yesterday! A new version is going live now!


Hey @jacob, off-topic, but would you be able to share your webstorm config to support RedwoodJs? My biggest issue is using relative imports due to the lack of support to jsconfig.json.

@betocmn is there a format that webstorm does support? .editorconfig or something?

We will probably be moving the jsconfig files to tsconfig files sometime soon.

Hey @peterp, yes, it does support .editorconfig but still no luck using it to resolve imports redwood style. I will post back when/if I found a solution. Thanks!

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Ok, we’re using babel-plugin-module-alias which adds support for src -> ./src and directory-named-webpack-plugin which allows us to support ComponentName/ComponentName.js instead of ComponentName/index.js