Fireside chat wording (somewhat time-sensitive)

Hi guys! Here’s the rough 1st draft of the fireside chat w/ Mintbean

My team will be adding star/fork counts for Redwood and Semver and Jekyll.

I know the wording & how we present Tom’s involvement is something we want to be mindful of. Would love feedback.

This is time sensitive because we need to promote the event & it is only a week away.

Formatting and spacing and indentation and even wording… are all very rough right now.
Just looking for overall feedback on the message so far.
This is iteration #1… you could even call it #0.1-alpha.

Ha! Alpha indeed – definitely Redwood style. I’ve looped in Tom and hopefully he’ll be able to take a look later today.

I’d say order the information more like

  1. Co-founder Chatterbug and co-creator of RedwoodJS
  2. Co-founder/CEO GitHub
  3. Open Source Creator: Jekyll, SemVer, TOML, Gravatar

All good!

How’s this?

Nice! A few changes I’d make:

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What do you think @mojombo ?
Some spacing tweaks will be done but I think this is getting real close.

Thanks for making those changes, looks good to me!