Firebase complete stack

Hello! This question is pretty straightforward, but will there ever be any Firebase deployment guide? I see Firebase Auth, but someone may want to build Firebase applications starting from the hosting. Is there some guide or resource I can look up?

Hey @GRawhideMart, I don’t think the core team would invest resources into making anything like that in the near term since we already have many deploy targets. Definitely would encourage you to explore if you’re interested though! Are you just looking to keep building on Firebase since you already use auth for it? Or are already familiar with the platform etc?

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Let’s just say that I find that often the integration is useful. Firebase is a full fledged solution for many things, which is why I thought it would be interesting. But it was just a question and general wondering

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I didn’t realize firebase hosting was a thing!! Google products make me nervous because of their graveyard :sweat_smile:! Although my business app uses firebase for auth. I am nervous about it. I guess any service can be killed off though…