Faster compilation times with esbuild in v0.28.0

ESBuild is “an extremely fast JavaScript bundler” that we’ve just added to RedwoodJS v0.28.0!

You can try it out by installing @redwoodjs/api-server and passing the --esbuild flag to the dev and build commands:

edit as of v0.29: @redwoodjs/api-server is now included in Redwood project installations. The step to add the package has been removed from the commands below.

yarn rw dev --esbuild
yarn rw build --esbuild

What you should see is really fast transpilation times! Here are some stats from my earlier experimentations:

Esbuild works on both the api and web sides. The web side will still support your favorite babel plugins, but the api side no longer transpiles with babel.

Please consider this an experiment, and provide feedback about what works and doesn’t work.



Very stoked on this and I look forward to giving it a spin!

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I’ll include @redwoodjs/api-server as a dependency in the upcoming patch v0.28.1 patch release.

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I think we’re gonna want a good chunk of docs to explain what the heck all this api-server stuff is, even if we end up with a CLI command that abstracts it away.