Extending SDL's & Services generated in Redwood

Extending SDL’s & Services generated in Redwood

TL;RD: Should we extend the generated service.js and sdl.js to achieve more complex GraphQL schemas?

Having worked with Nexus one thing I found great about the coupling to Prisma was the expressive SDL. We can in very few lines specify that we allow ordering, filtering etc. With a simple schema.prisma such as the following:

model Post {
  id        String    @default(cuid()) @id
  title     String
  body      String
  createdAt DateTime  @default(now())
  comments  Comment[]

model Comment {
  id        String   @default(cuid()) @id
  content   String
  createdAt DateTime @default(now())
  Post      Post?    @relation(fields: [postId], references: [id])
  postId    String?

I want to have generated post.sdl.js and comment.sdl.js that allows filtering, cursor, ordering any much more. I believe that we can do this with quite easily using the DMMF.Schema definition of Prisma.

My short PoC can lead to the following comment.sdl.js:

type Query {
      where: PostWhereInput
      orderBy: PostOrderByInput
      skip: Int
      after: PostWhereUniqueInput
      before: PostWhereUniqueInput
      first: Int
      last: Int
    ): [Post]!

    aggregatePost: AggregatePost!

    findOnePost(where: PostWhereUniqueInput!): Post

      where: CommentWhereInput
      orderBy: CommentOrderByInput
      skip: Int
      after: CommentWhereUniqueInput
      before: CommentWhereUniqueInput
      first: Int
      last: Int
    ): [Comment]!

    findOneComment(where: CommentWhereUniqueInput!): Comment

input PostWhereUniqueInput {
    id: String

And many more properties Full SDL Pastebin. I believe that this addition to the SDL is beneficial for more complex queries that one may want to create. I am not aware of any issues with this, but maybe some one has other opinions.

The main reason for this post is to understand:

  • I see that some one has gone through quite to trouble to make the generated SDL more readable, this will probably need to be adapted to cater for that
  • Is this something that we would like to add and in that case how to ensure this? Do we write a package ourselves or can we use the types defined by Prisma
  • What happens if I want fields in my SDL that are not mapped in my database?

In addition, to the sdl.template one has to change the generated service.js. I did not write any code for that yet, but manually changed the input arguments and it seems straight forward.

Let me know your thoughts. I am of course happy to share my progress so far if that’s of any help.

PS: Redwood was my first ever OSS contribution and loving the progress so far!


Thanks @Rosenberg96 I :+1:where this idea is headed!

Looping in @rob, the Master of Generators™

FYI: there’s a PR in progress converting the SDL and Service templates to .ts.

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