Extending dbAuth with SSO

I made a proof of concept login with Github that extends dbAuth,

Intentionally rough as a way to start a conversation.

Here’s video demo

and more of an explanation here.


Hiya Kurt,

I’ve wanted to do something similar to dbAuth for a bit, just haven’t had the time. Your post about Netlify (iirc) lock-in + not having access to my main setup led me to this dbAuth OAuth integration.

I wanted to be as platform independent as possible, only including the OAuth spec-specific parts and making it relatively easy to add and remove providers.

I hadn’t gotten around to the API side yet, I love the idea of incorporating it as part of DbAuthHandler.

Had you thought of/planned to add support for making dbAuth into an OAuth provider? I’m not even sure a change to dbAuth itself would be nessecary, just a thought


Cool you’re trying you hand at the same thing.

I have no thought about making dbAuth into an OAuth provider, but I haven’t given the whole thing a great deal of thought, just experimenting.