Experiencing Issue#192 on v0.1.0: `yarn rw g scaffold post` fails

≫ yarn --version
≫ node --version

macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Not sure what’s going on - any suggestions?

Hi @victormoukhortov!

Sorry about the trouble but definitely want to help figure out what’s going on. Some questions:

  • assuming you are going through the tutorial, correct?
  • could you look in your root package.json and confirm what version you have e.g. "@redwoodjs/core": "^0.1.0" edit: just saw this answered in title
  • did you run yarn rw db save and then yarn rw db up prior to this?
  • lastly do you have a Post model in your schema per https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/getting-dynamic

If “yes” is the answer to the above, could you copy the error output you see when you try the command?

note: edited title so others can find the topic as well

Apologies for the confusion - I tried to import a more complex schema. I got a flash of an error:

Cannot create property 'context' on string 'No schema definition found for `CafeServer`'

This might have something to do with a model cafe_server which I have imported from an existing schema. Is snake_case supported?

Note I was only able to see the error by screen recording and pausing - is there any way to run a command verbosely?

Ah, that does change things. Do take a look at this Issue and see if you’re experiencing the same (you trailblazer you :rocket: ):

Off the top of my head snake case should be fine but let’s ask @rob 'cause he’s the master of how we handle naming-all-the-things.

Hey @victormoukhortov when are you seeing this error? On the command line when generating? In the web inspector when trying to go to your generated pages?

And are you talking about snake_case in one of the commands like yarn rw g scaffold cafe_server or something in the schema file itself is snake_case, like a column or model name?