Existing GraphQL API alongside Prisma/DB

Hi there, hope you’re all well!

I’ve recently discovered RedwoodJS, and while I have some concerns about building a production app with such a new framework, I’m becoming more convinced by the day.

I have an existing Hasura backend/API which I use for a production React web app. I’m thinking of using RW to create a seperate app for administrators - an admin dashboard for running reports, modifying data, etc.

Most of the solutions for integrating Hasura simply do away with the Prisma DB layer altogether, and just query the remote graphQL API.

I’m just wondering if there’s any advantage to keeping the Prisma/DB layer in addition to a service for accessing the Hasura API? The downside would be I now have two managed databases (one for hasura, one for rw). Or should I do away with Prisma/DB and just use Hasura as my backend?

Obviously this all depends on specifics, but I’m just after some high-level advice so that I can understand any implications for jumping one way or the other.