Example Blog App

If you’ve gone through the tutorial you’ll see that we create a simple blog engine. I’ve built out that example into a more complete app with the Hammer Review blog app:

Fun fact: Redwood’s original name was Hammer!

This app does everything the tutorial does, plus:

  • Tag a post
  • Search for a post by title or tag
  • Pagination
  • Mark a post as a draft
  • Styling with TailwindCSS
  • Authentication with Netlify Identity

Logging into the admin is disabled for now, but we may allow a “demo” login soon.

See the code at https://github.com/redwoodjs/example-blog

Looks great! Like the use of Tailwind. :+1:
Is the code available?


It is! I just updated the opening post with a link to the repo: https://github.com/redwoodjs/example-blog

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@rob my query is here “postgresql” to “sqlite” does this mean I can’t use PostgreSQL?


@danielotieno Yes, you can use Postgres locally if you want, in that case just leave the provider in schema.prisma as it is!

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@danielotieno I just updated the README in the example-blog to be more explicit about that, sorry for the confusion!


Great @rob Thank you.

I’m not understanding how Tailwind is being used? It looks like the index.html pulls in the CDN css file, but package.json does have Tailwind as a dependency. I don’t see any sort of build pipeline for Tailwind?

We should be able to remove that package dependency, it’s been a while since I wrote this app. I may have been going down the route of installing Tailwind as usual, a PostCSS plugin, then backed off and went the CDN route to introduce as little non-Redwood stuff as possible. I just never removed the package after switching over!

Having tailwind.config.js enables the Tailwind CSS IntelliSense extension for VS Code to give you hints of possible class names, but that can probably be removed as well.

I just pushed up master with the tailwindcss package removed!

Any chance of getting a video series to build out this app and cover the topic for us visual/audio learners?

@AWey95 Indeed, yes! We have a series of 4 videos that cover the entire tutorial: https://redwoodjs.com/tutorial/welcome-to-redwood.

Are those tutorial going to also include the styling like this example? @mojombo

@AWey95 Ah, that’s not currently planned, but maybe @rob could be convinced to do a video on how he approaches the styling!