ESLint can't find config file

Unfortunately I can’t quite pin down when this happened - it might have been when I updated to Redwood 7.6.2, but it might have been there for a while without me noticing…

In gist, I am having some errors being spit out by ESLint. Restarted ESLint server in VSCode, but still having issues. Any idea what might be a good way to start troubleshooting?

[Info - 3:17:27 PM] ESLint server is starting. [Info - 3:17:27 PM] ESLint server running in node v18.18.2 [Info - 3:17:27 PM] ESLint server is running. [Error - 3:17:28 PM] Server process exited with code 0. [Info - 3:19:45 PM] ESLint library loaded from: C:\Users\XX\YY\node_modules\eslint\lib\api.js [Error - 3:19:45 PM] Calculating config file for file:///c%3A/Users/XX/YY/web/src/pages/HomePage/HomePage.tsx) failed. Error: Could not find config file. at locateConfigFileToUse (C:\Users\XX\YY\node_modules\eslint\lib\eslint\eslint.js:349:21) at async calculateConfigArray (C:\Users\XX\YY\node_modules\eslint\lib\eslint\eslint.js:385:49) at async ESLint.calculateConfigForFile (C:\Users\XX\YY\node_modules\eslint\lib\eslint\eslint.js:1176:25) at async c:\Users\XX\.vscode\extensions\dbaeumer.vscode-eslint-2.4.4\server\out\eslintServer.js:1:22546 at async Object.E [as withClass] (c:\Users\XX\.vscode\extensions\dbaeumer.vscode-eslint-2.4.4\server\out\eslintServer.js:1:19114) at async T.then.g.validate (c:\Users\XX\.vscode\extensions\dbaeumer.vscode-eslint-2.4.4\server\out\eslintServer.js:1:22506) [Error - 3:19:45 PM] Calculating config file for file:///c%3A/Users/XX/YY/web/src/components/ItemCell/ItemCell.tsx) failed.

@twoflyingforks Have you made any progress in trying to figure this out?

The best way for us to be able to help you is if you can provide us with a small reproduction we can play with. Do you think you could do that?