Error creating tutorial app

Hi everyone,
I recently had an issue on my WIndows PC that needed Yarn to be un-installed and re-installed, but would prefer to be using my MBP.

But when I create a new app I get this:

Typed: yarn create redwood-app rwblog
Error: error Command failed.
Exit code: 1
Command: /usr/local/bin/create-redwood-app
Arguments: rwblog
Directory: /Users/davidporter/redwood

Appreciate this may be a local issue with this PC (I’ve had permissions issues), but if anyone has any thought I’d appreciate it!

Cheers, Dave

Do you have yarn installed yarn --version? :thinking:

Thanks David,
It showed 1.22.18
But I noticed Node was on 14, so upgraded it to 16, un-installed Yarn, and now we are all working fine.
Best regards, Dave

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