EMFILE: too many open files, with the sdls files

Hi, I have an existing DB which contains almost 872 tables and each table has a lot of relations, so first I created a shell script to generate all the sdls and services at once but it takes a lot of time, even though I have disabled type generation for every sdl from source that RW does (maybe if we can have an option to generate all the sdls from the schema and also an option to disable generating types) and created a DB for the authentication because I can’t modify the DB, i.e. I use two schemas, but when I run the API I get:
multiple [GQL Server Error] - Schema validation failed and after that - EMFILE : too many open files, open '/. ./. ./modelName.sdl.ts for every file.

I’m using the latest version v4 of RW, MacOS for dev & MSSQL for DB (because the DB is defined on a mssql server which I have to connect to because it is used by a software and have to retrieve the information made by it).

Thanks a lot for ideas!