Hey all, just spun up a new RW project, and after removing a model and all associated scaffolded files (and running a migration), running dev throws strange errors from the API.

[webpack-dev-server] [HPM] Error occurred while proxying request localhost:8912/auth?method=getToken to http://localhost:8913/ [ECONNREFUSED] (

Hi @christianlovescode - did you happen to change the ports for the web and api?

That should be fine, but could you share your redwood.toml so we can see your configuration.

Typically the web is on 8910 and api on 8911 and your logs show 8912 and 8913.


I had changed it after the initial failure as a test. Switching back I still see the same error unfortunately

So I checked out my branch from a commit before I deleted the model and noticed the issue. However, the issue is still present… I thought for sure it had to be from something I deleted

If you are on a Mac you can use the command lsof -i -P | grep -i "listen" to get a list of the currently open ports – that should tell you if things are running as you planned

Is it possible you deleted models associated with user authentication?

I had that error happen when GraphQL schema is invalid - check if in the console when server is starting there are no errors. If you are certain schema is OK and no errors are shown in the console check ports used. If the error persists over restarts then it’s schema error.

Thank you! Will try that out and see!