Does RedwoodJS v1 support GraphQL Subscriptions or Live Queries?

Not yet - but RedwoodJS is well positioned for it thanks to using GraphQL Yoga 2.0 to power its GraphQL Server.

We plan to explore subscriptions or live queries in close collaboration with The Guild after v1 launch. The key consideration is how redwoodJS can support subscriptions for both serverless and serverful deploys – since subscriptions often rely on a persistent connection to the client.

More info on live queries from Laurin Quast and the Guild

If your needs are more “near real time” rather than immediate; you can consider using the polling feature in many GraphQL clients, such as: Queries - Apollo GraphQL Docs

Other options in the meantime include: Supabase Real-Time.

Please share in the Help channel what features you’d lie to see and some example how you might use subscriptions: maps, shopping carts, game … more?

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