...did we ban all local file reads by default in Redwood 7...?

Does redwood 7 use --experimental-permission?

I have local file reads that read files built in the docker image, they just ENOENT now

Hey @twodotsmax, I don’t think we made any v7 changes to the Dockerfile or setup command for it besides fixing a bug related to corepack which just involved creating a file before running yarn install.

What I mean is say I ship a file called


In my docker image

Then I attempt to do readFileSync(‘./a.txt’) in the api server

RW 6 - fine
RW 7, no other changes, ENOENT

Sorry for butting in here when I don’t have a good answer to add other than wondering if the working directory may have changed between the two. This could be checked by printing the contents of the ‘.’ directory.

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