Deploy to AWS via Serverless requires serverless-lift 1.12.1 || ^1.16.0

In between 1.12.1 and the just released 1.16.0, the serverless-lift plug-in was broken with regard to the behavior of the static-website construct used by RedwoodJS to deploy front-end (web) bits.
The broken behavior manifests as an AWS ‘Access Denied’ when navigating directly to any page other than the home page of the site. The serverless-lift plug-in is responsible for configuring S3 bucket permissions as well as CloudFront error handling and for the versions between 1.12.1 and 1.16.0 were not configuring this in a manner necessary for proper operation of RedwoodJS. Navigating via links behaves correctly, but navigating by direct entry of a URL, or back/forward/refresh will fail with the AWS Access Denied error.
This was a painful one to figure out. I hope this helps someone else out there. My thanks to @rob for the nudges in the right direction on Discord.