Deploy on netlify not working

It was working fine 2 months ago when I try redwoodjs tutorial with the default setting.

But now it not working, it load the /web/dist but the api seem not working.
It will show 404 for any page / component that need to call api service.

Try to change the build settings to this not working too

Build settings

    Not set
Base directory
Package directory
    Not set
Build command
    rw deploy netlify
Publish directory
Functions directory
Build status

I’m trying other deployment provider seem got no luck too

  • render (my card got declined)
  • vercel (Indonesian government blocked this because many people use it to scam or betting site)

After trying a lot of cloud platform services.

I finally found the one that work easily.
I’m using fly io

only required 2 command without any change in settings.

fly launch
fly deploy (to redeploy)