Deploy AWS (Serverless) on ARM?

Has anyone tried deploying to AWS (via Serverless Framework) for ARM architecture?
I haven’t tried this myself, as I don’t expect it would work. The larger issue is I really don’t have any idea what would be involved in making it work. Locally, I’m building for x86_64 architecture (on an Intel based Mac) but I’d like to be able to take advantage of the lower cost of AWS Graviton based Lambdas. But the Redwood build process is a bit of a black box, and I have no idea if there are any processor architecture specific bits being built as part of the zipball that gets uploaded.
Is it expected that this would just work? Is it expected that there’s no way this would work? If the latter, are there any plans to make this work?

I suspect the problem will be the Prisma builds - although the rest of the build process does not have any architectural specific code (I think!), but the Prisma client does.

Because serverless framework normally expects you to build and deploy from local, you may need to specify the binaryTarget - see Generators (Reference)

Let us know how you get on please!