Dec 3rd Meetup Recap: Recording, Topics, and Links

Thanks to everyone who joined today’s meetup! Today @thedavid showed us the RedwoodJS v1 end-to-end developer experience (spoiler: it’s amazing :rocket: ) and @Chris showed us his startup Everfund, a supercharged fundraising platform for non-profits, that he built with Redwood in four months! We’ll be announcing our next Meetup soon. Look for an announcement here and on Twitter. But in the meantime, let’s recap:

Video Recording on YouTube

Video with timestamps here :tv:

Topic Recap and Links

RedwoodJS Update

Tom kicked off the meetup by giving us an update on the state of the Redwoodverse–namely, that getting prerendering right and having first-class TypeScript support are a priority for v1–and introducing the RedwoodJS Core Team. Definitely listen to this part of the meetup if you’re interested in hearing a bit about RedwoodJS’s governance. Note that anyone can become part of the Core Team! Whether you’re fresh out of bootcamp or a very senior dev, all it takes is a demonstrated commitment to making RedwoodJS a smashing success.

The RedwoodJS v1 e2e DX

@thedavid took us from init to scaffold to storybook to test to deploy in this drinking-from-the-firehouse tour of Redwood. David goes over Redwood’s edge-ready architecture (React, GraphQL, Prisma) and the kind of developer experience you can expect from Redwood when it reaches v1 (check out @rob’s 2torial for a sneak preview).

If you feel like you need both a high-level overview and an in-depth refresher of Redwood, this is the talk for you.

Building Everfund with RedwoodJS

@Chris took everything @thedavid showed us and made a real thing with it!

Everfund is supercharging fundraising for non-profits. A fintech SaaS product, it helps non-profits boost their donation opportunities using fast and easy donation links.

Cofounder and CEO (not to mention long-time Redwood community member!) @Chris showed us how he went from technical debt to technical wealth with Redwood. Here’s the before-after

Note: You can find all the slides here:
Redwood_Meetup.pdf (5.6 MB)

From a patchwork tech stack with 100% custom auth to logging in seamlessly with magic link and tailored RBAC, the wins in developer experience were huge for @Chris, from backend to frontend. Don’t miss his Cells demo, showing just how easy it is to swap in test data for a dashboard just by passing a few parameters.

Everfund is even taking advantage of Redwood’s multi-side architecture–pretty cool considering Redwood isn’t even v1. In fact, Chris started on Redwood v0.8.0! :exploding_head: