dbAuth context error & tsconfig alias error


Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
NVM: 0.39
Node: v16.17.1
Yarn: 3.2.3
RedwoodJs Core: 3.1.1

I am struggling with seemingly basic issues.

  1. I installed dbAuth. Signup works fine. However, upon logging-in, I get the error:
graphql-server Error building context. Error: Exception in getCurrentUser: Invalid session
  1. I cant get any alias in paths within the tsconfig.json file to work.

The above linked repo readme has the details about the commands I ran, the errors encountered.

Thank you

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The auth issue is resolved. Because I am using cuid to generate db ids, cuid create a string instead of a number, so within the auth.ts, the session check had to be changed to:

- if (!session || typeof session.id !== 'number') {
+ if (!session || typeof session.id !== "string") {

I am still unable to get the tsconfig alias within paths to work :frowning:

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hey @kayote any chance you got the paths to work?