Custom Domain in Flightcontrol managed Deployment

Hey all,

I’ve recently successfully deployed a development environment using As of this moment, I can access the app at the provided AWS Cloudfront URL.

The next thing I’d like to accomplish is defining a custom domain for the Redwood app… specifically, something like “” for the web side of the app, and perhaps “” for the API side (my expectation is to run this “dev version” without touching or interacting with the Production version, when I finally get to that step).

The Flightcontrol docs say to add a “domain” property to the flightcontrol.json file, but it looks like there are already variables for REDWOOD_WEB_URL and REDWOOD_API_URL

…so my question is this: What is the best way to go about setting the custom subdomains as described above?

Thanks for any help ahead of time!

Hi @nullsett I’ve let our contacts at FlightControl know about your question and perhaps they can answer.

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Hey @dthyresson! Thanks so much! They did get back to me, and confirmed that it was way simpler than I was even expecting, just needed to add the “domain” properties (one directly inside each “service”) in the flightcontrol.json file.

Much appreciated!