Custom component in Link Component

Hi all!
Is it possible to use a custom element instead of the a for the Link component? I’m using a UI kit that has its own Link component and all i can do is nesting one in the other, but it is not the best solution.


What library are you using?

Here is how you would try and approach it with something like chakraUi Link - Chakra UI

I’m experimenting with FluentUI, I opened an issue on their repo as well.
I know there are better alternatives (I usually use reactstrap if I need to go fast or styled-components for custom projects) but I wanted to give it a shot as it looked interesting.

Any luck with this, @Fakkio ? I would like to be able to use React UI as well, but it’s not clear how I would integrate their form components with RedwoodJS. Did you end up getting something to work, here?