Could not find libquery-engine binary

following the new tutorial (great job by the way) when I want to create a scaffold for post model I’m getting this error message:

PS D:\web\redwoodblog> yarn rw g scaffold post
Could not find libquery-engine binary. Searched in D:\web\redwoodblog\node_modules\@prisma\sdk\query_engine-windows.dll.node and D:\web\redwoodblog\node_modules\@prisma\query_engine-windows.dll.node

I’m on windows 11 build 22000.469 using redwood v1.0.0.

Hi @MonteLangevin! Just want to make sure that you have set up the dev environment using this recommended approach: Windows Development Setup | RedwoodJS Docs

Let us know.

On top of what Aditya said, it’s worth making sure your prisma client is being generated correctly!

yarn rw prisma generate

Could do the trick! If not you might see errors, maybe typos why it’s not working as expected.