Contributing Workshop: Thursday, June 3rd

Are you interested in contributing to RedwoodJS but need help getting started? Regardless of your experience or skill-set, you’re invited to participate!

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll walk through everything you need to know:

  1. finding something to work on,
  2. setting up for local development,
  3. testing your code, and
  4. opening a PR for discussion and review.


  • Thursday, June 3rd
  • 9:30am - 11:30am Pacific (16:30 - 17:30 UTC)
  • Free with required registration


Who is this for? Is anything required to join?

Anyone who is interested in contributing to RedwoodJS is welcome to join. However, my walkthrough will assume you have a basic understanding of these topics:

Git and GitHub workflow

I’ll move quickly through forking a repo, cloning locally, creating a branch, committing, etc. If all this is new to you, GitHub offers some courses to get you up to speed:

Redwood Tutorial Part 1

I won’t spend much time on Redwood basics — instead, we’ll be working on the code for Redwood packages. It will help you understand the concepts and connections I cover if you’re already familiar with Redwood’s fundamentals. Ideally, you’ll have spent time going through the Redwood Tutorial Part 1:


  • Workshop will be conversational and casual, with a majority of the time spent live-streaming the process in GitHub, setting up local development, and working in VS Code.
  • We encourage participants to enable audio and video, but if you choose to join audio-only and listen in that’s fine as well. You’ll be expected to participate in the brief introductions at the beginning.
  • Workshop will be recorded and made publicly available.

Questions or Feedback?

Just reach out to David via Forum DM