Changing name of pre-rendered files for netlify

This is a weird one.

So I am trying to prerender a route that goes to a page that has a cell. This route has a case-sensitive URL parameter. Eg. http://localhost:8910/v1/U3By427ClYFsJSNKN3PMvd that is used in a cell

Pre-rendering runs great. I go to build on netlify but nothing is working, and here is the catch. Netlify redirects all pre-rendered files to lowercase. So for the briefest of moments, the pre-rendered page is loaded, and then you are redirected to the lower case page.

Now we are not loading a pre-rendered page but a dynamic page. The dynamic page attempts the query with the URL param which has now been converted to lower case and we end up with a null result.

It seems I can’t make any changes on the netlify side so I am wondering is there a way, say in my routeHooks file. That I can do something to make the file names that are outputted by the pre-renderer? I’m trying to avoid having to change the case of the string in the DB.


I should also mention that i’m prerendering the not found page and, as per the docs, I am not doing any redirects.