Changing body tag in storybook


I’m trying to do Story rendering • Storybook docs in redwood. The question basically is, where that folder is located - or if that’s something, that does not work with redwood.


Hey @razzeee :wave: … I’m trying to track down an answer for you!


Hi @razzeee!

I don’t believe this is currently possible with the current Redwood<>Storybook integration because that config folder is located within the framework.

Specifically, you can see here that when you run yarn rw storybook we’re calling the storybook command with the --config-dir parameter, pointing it at this folder here in the @redwoodjs/testing package.

The good news is that we’re working on upgrading the Redwood<>Storybook integration to use a Framework Package (that will also move Storybook from Webpack to Vite), though this is still very much a WIP. Details on that are in this draft PR, if you’re interested: [DRAFT] Add storybook framework package by arimendelow · Pull Request #10064 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

In the meantime, if this is totally blocking for you, let me know! We might be able to help you come up with a workaround.

Additionally, if you’re interested in helping out with that effort, let me know!! :slight_smile:

I probably can’t help, but I can test it in our code base, if the integration effort isn’t sky high :slight_smile:

It’s not ready yet, and stay tuned! :slight_smile: