🎂 Celebrating One Year: RedwoodJS Meetup March 11th

Join us Thursday, March 11th, from 18:30-19:45 UTC (10:30-11:45 am Pacific)!

Celebrating Redwood’s First Birthday :partying_face:

With a tweet, Tom announced Redwood v0.1 one year ago, March 11th, 2020. The announcement hit the number two spot on Hacker News, receiving surprisingly positive comments from a notoriously critical community. The Redwood Tutorial became a highly praised introduction to a new kind of framework we called Full-stack Jamstack.

One year later, tens of thousands of people have experienced Redwood. They tweet about it, connect with others in the community, contribute code and documentation, teach courses, host hackathons, and (most of all!) use Redwood to build new and amazing things.

In honor of this milestone, we’re going to spend some time listening to Tom, Peter, and others tell stories about how Redwood came to be. We’ll look at some early versions of the original README to talk about the original vision and how it has evolved. Then we’ll dig into highlights from the past year as well as the unexpected twists and turns that lead to lessons learned. Lastly, we’ll look forward to the upcoming release of Redwood version 1.0 and beyond. :rocket:

It’s going to be a great conversation. We hope you’ll join us.


You’ll be able to view the live stream, participate by chat, or join the stage discussion by Audio and Video (video not required).

Can’t make it? Meetups are recorded and posted on the Redwood YouTube channel.

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  • Thursday, March 11th from 18:30-19:45 UTC
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On the day of the Meetup, you’ll access the RedwoodJS Meetup Session from the registration page: