Capturing my Development Journey of FlipAgain

Hi RedwoodJS Rockstars,

I’m creating an app with RedwoodJS, and I thought I’d capture my experience as a relative-newbie. (I’m capturing what I really wanted when I started out developing my first React app about a year ago - a glimpse at the grind and sausage-making of a day-in-the-life). So, hopefully it helps other relative-newbies :slight_smile:

My first YouTube episode is available at FlipAgain 1 - Thinking in React.

It’s a flashcard app (or will be eventually). That is, a tool for studying. It’s called FlipAgain.

I hope it helps build up this community!


I love that you’ve created a video around explaining React that uses RedwoodJS.

We’ve talked a lot about using Redwood as a learning tool for GraphQL but I’ve always felt that with the first introduction you could even teach Redwood to someone with almost no React experience.

I think this will be a fantastic resource for anyone coming from that direction. I’ll add this to the awesome-redwood repo and get this out on the Twitters!


@ajcwebdev That is actually what brought me to RedwoodJS when I discovered it, the ability to learn the different pieces. Not a software engineer by any stretch of the word even though I have written a lot of code and definitely not a web developer. I had tried Udemy courses, Free Code Camp, etc but could never in my mind make it all work as there was too much to learn to make a real world application. I am one of those people who learn out of pure necessity so instead of just trying to learn something I like to build something and learn what I don’t know to make it do what I want it to do.

RedwoodJS took away a lot of the fear/complexity of standing up a real world application, not just a static website. It has allowed me to actually start working on a real world application that I hope to be able to demonstrate shortly.

@keith.t.elliott thanks for putting that video together and sharing your journey with the rest of the community


Really nice stuff @keith.t.elliott. I like how you take your time and really break things down, I will recommend this to others looking to learn!


Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcomed and valued!

I’m jazzed, and will keep it up. And, I’ll improve the quality as I progress. Please, always feel free to critique or suggest ideas.

A sustainable pace is probably about one video release per week. I recently released the second one: FlipAgain 2 - Thinking in React (Again) . I’ll keep truckin’!

So much fun!


Hello Redwood Friends,

FYI, I just released FlipAgain 3 - Adding State to Our ToDo App. In the episode, we will continue adding state to a simple ToDo starter app. And, we write our first unit test.

My pace seems so slow, this could be called Slow Coding with Keith :slight_smile:

But, I’m encouraged and have a silly story… YouTube posted a Bob Ross instructional painting video on the top of my list of recommended videos. At the beginning (at 1 min 30 seconds into the video) he says “Take your time and work at your own pace. Speed with come with practice.” Oh, I’m ruined! I’ve taken Bob’s advice - hook, line & sinker. I’m taking my time. I’m slow. But I’m practicing. Speed will come…


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Hi Redwood Friends,

In FlipAgain 4 - Unit Tests, I create a robust unit test for a utility function. In doing so, and as I continue working through the Redwood tutorial, I’m really starting to appreciate Redwood Cells and scaffolds to setup common workflows. Because, if I grow my own (and do my best to make it robust), it will take me forever!

So, thanks for making Slow Coding with Keith faster :slightly_smiling_face:


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Rockin’ Redwooders,

I have to share a fun benchmark: I just pushed my first-ever open source contribution to GitHub: The simple RedwoodJS ToDo App that I’ve been creating in public.

It’s a very modest open source contribution, but I am delighted at how satisfying it feels to actually publish code :slight_smile:

It jives with my FlipAgain 5 - Controlled Component video, where I walk through the concept of controlling an input element via React, then call it DONE.

But, I’ll keep trucking along these lines…

Next up: Re-do my basic app with Redwood Cells (state and persistence are the biggest concepts that I’m wrestling with at the moment).

So, I’m off to crank out ToDoVersionTwo!