Can't use @id to decorate when id !== 'id' in Prisma

I can’t use the @id decorator in Prisma – the generator want’s the id column to be id

$ yarn rw g sdl AltIdMessage

Error 1: GraphQLDocumentError: Cannot query field "id" on type "AltIdMessage". at /Users/ajoslin/Documents/Als/Development/EPC/Development/print-on-demand-2/web/src/components/AltIdMessageCell/AltIdMessageCell.tsx:3:5

model AltIdMessage {
  state String @id
  msg   String

Cells may require an id field named “id”.

Can you add or change your id and retry generators?

If so then please write up an issue about cells requiring a strictly names id field.

I would really recommend having a primary key that is an Int or uuid

I just started using

id Int @id @default(autoincrement())

I used to know one that generated a guid for the id

Can we return suggestions before the Error ?

Do we have a snippets/suggestion engine ?

We’re going to start bumping up against a complexity limit with what we can generate…

That’s why there is searchable Prisma docs :grinning:

See Prisma schema API (Reference) | Prisma Docs and there’s also a cuid.

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Searchable Prisma docs, that’s really interesting !!

You’ve a better knowledge of all the technologies that RW brings together - how many of them have Docs API’s like Prisma ?