Can't figure out how to install shadcn CLI

Hi all,

Must confess I鈥檓 quite new to RedwoodJS. Am trying to set this up with TailwindCSS and shadcn/ui, but running into errors. Tried the following for the past hour, but can鈥檛 quite figure out :frowning:

Steps taken:

  1. Start a new RedwoodJS project
  2. Following the vite tutorial here:, but with some modifications:
    a. skip steps 1 and 2, use yarn rw setup ui tailwindcss
    b. at step 4, for the plugins: export, leave it as [redwoodjs()] rather than [react()]

I get the following error:

Error: Tailwind CSS is not installed. Visit Installation - Tailwind CSS to get started.
at $e (file:///C:/Users//AppData/Local/npm-cache/_npx/125ee17d583c4e03/node_modules/shadcn-ui/dist/index.js:3:7112)

I suspect it has to do with the paths needing a RedwoodJS-specific configuration (i.e. the ./src for Vite is not correct for RedwoodJS), but I might be entirely wrong. Alternatively, I was wondering if it鈥檚 simply impossible to use the shadcn CLI with RedwoodJS because of some hardcoded paths expected (hope not though!).

Thanks in advance for the help!

Ignore - I managed to find a bug report on it just 4 days ago showing that indeed it鈥檚 broken. Tldr, use shadcn 0.7.0, seems the latest has a bug! [Bug]: shadcn-ui init command error in empty redwoodjs project 路 Issue #3714 路 shadcn-ui/ui 路 GitHub

Hey @twoflyingforks :wave: We do have some documentation on setting up shadcn in the works: it鈥檚 pretty much good to go and can be found in this PR: Docs: Added a How To guide for working with ShadCN by ahaywood 路 Pull Request #10459 路 redwoodjs/redwood 路 GitHub. If any of that could help confirm your setup.

@ahaywood Has been awesome with documenting and explaining setting up shadcn. She did so in the last town hall

Appreciate the help - thanks @Josh-Walker-GM for pointing me in the right direction, and @ahaywood for the fantastic documentation that was super easy to follow :slight_smile:

I set this up because I have installed ShadCN components into a couple projects that are still using JS:

These are all the ShadCN components already stripped down to work with JS in that 鈥渦i鈥 folder so you don鈥檛 have to CLI download or manual download all of them and edit out the TS.

I did not do the Data Table / Table as those also need TanStack Table and will be more custom setup.