Can we use a custom field name other than `roles` to refer to the user roles for routing? (dbAuth)

Hi! I was trying to name my roles field other than roles (globalRole), but I was unable to make it work for the routing with the PrivateSet component. For the context, I’m using dbAuth.

I changed the field back to roles, and it worked well. So, I’m guessing the field name roles may be special.

Is the field name roles a reserved name in some way? Or would it be possible to refer to other fields as roles?

I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me understand.

Hi @nsunami just checking in if this question still needs an answer after having merged in your docs PR: Docs: Correcting the prop name to `roles` from `hasRoles` for the `PrivateSet` component in the Authentication doc by nsunami · Pull Request #10566 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

Thanks again for that docs fix!