Can I use RedwoodJS in Production?

Yes, and many people are and have been for some time.

As Tom notes in his announcement that he’s committing $1,000,000 to RedwoodJS development over the next year:

As of this moment, we fully endorse Redwood for production use across a wide range of applications, from simple solo side projects to funded startups.

But, of course, with going to production also comes great responsibility.


RedwoodJS has thought of keeping your services secure, making sue you consider if your serveless functions should be open or not, helps you sign and verify webhooks, and comes out of the box with many best practice defaults to protect your GraphQL API.

And, you have lots of deploy options, too, to chose from that meet your production needs, like Netlify deploy previews or even managing your own bare metal.

Have questions or conerns? Head on to Discord and we’ll be happy to help.

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