Can I containerize UI and apiserver and manage the deployment myself

Hi! I am new to RedwoodJS, I have some questions regarding how flexible RedwoodJS is if you want to deploy yourself: is there a way to cleanly separate the UI and graphql api-server? For example, build them separately and containerize them separately, then I have 2 docker images that I can choose to deploy however I like (either running on an EC2 instance, or using Kubernetes, or some other container orchestration tools).
After reading the tutorials and some quick search, it’s not clear to me if I am able to do that. Thanks!

Related question is: I really like the way RedwoodJS generates all the front-end scaffolds, but I may have a different preference for the api-server or the way db is managed, is there a way for me to only use RedwoodJS for the front-end scaffolding, and I can use other tools for everything else?

Hi. I’ll haver to ask others like @Josh-Walker-GM about containers and Docker, but I’m not sure front-end scaffolding without the api makes sense. The Ui scaffolds are base on models that come from Prisma (db) and GraphQL. So, I’m not sure how that would work.

Thanks for the reply! Based on what RedwoodJS tries to achieve, I think that makes sense. I am considering using RedwoodJS but just wondering how much flexibility there will be when in the future there will inevitably things that you want that is not supported by redwoodjs or better suited for other toolings.

I am looking forward to response to the container and Docker part of my question. Thank you!